Château les Gardis Olive Oil - FRANCE - 500ml

  • Extra virgin olive oil, hand picked and pressed within 24 hours
  • A perfectly balanced olive oil with herbaceous notes 
  • A lively and fruity PDO Provence
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Château Les Gardis , a new treasure found in the heart of the Luberon

 Provence and its climate provide an incomparable quality of life; the village of Lourmarin, in the Luberon, land of Albert Camus and Henri Bosco, is charming, touristic and lively. The quality of the soil and the location of the orchards of Château les Gardis allow the production of an exceptional fruity olive oil, with a slight ardence and a real typical taste.This fresh and grassy juice benefits from a large aromatic power and a beautiful length in mouth. 

Taste profile: Grassy
Notes of: Artichoke, Tomato Leaf, Cut Grass
Olives: 90% Verdale, 5% Bouteillan, 3% cayon, 2% Picholine
Region/Country: France
Harvest date: 1 Oct 2021
Producer: Caroline et Jérome Texier ​

Green tomato carpaccio, ratatouille, grilled turbot fillet, houmous, fresh goat cheese, peas with bacon ​

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Château les Gardis AOP Provence

Net quantity : 500ml

Origin: Product of France 

Ingredient List : 90% Verdale, 5% Bouteillan, 3% cayon, 2% Picholine ​

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Olive oil producers for 15 years, Caroline and Jérome chose this place for its soil, its quality, its orientation and especially the beauty of its landscapes. Their passion for olive oil was born from the desire to produce an exceptional olive oil, both for its organoleptic qualities and its nutritional value. The harvest is traditionally done with combs in the greatest respect in order to preserve the best of the fruit and to obtain a pure nectar. The Verdale olive gives this Grand Cru a beautiful, balanced and fruity intensity.

Dive into this oil:

Polyphenol content: /

Acidity level: 0.2%

Peroxide level: 4.6 mek02/kg

To learn more about the physico-chemical analysis of our olive oils, go to the dedicated blog post. 

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