Mas de Bret Olive Oil - FRANCE -250ml

  • Extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours.
  • An oil reflecting the richness of its terroir​
  • An extraordinary limited batch of 300L​

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250 ml

A very beautiful oil of contrast, both intense and soft ​

Located at the foot of the Alpilles mountains, Saint Etienne du Grès is a small scenic village a few minutes from Saint Rémy de Provence, near Arles.​

The gently sloping limestone soils, a mixture of erosion and pebbles removed from the hillside, are renowned for producing high quality olives and wine. ​

The orchards of the Mas de Bret estate benefit from work that respects the tree, the environment and traditions. Exclusively reserved for Oliviers&Co, this superb French olive oil expresses all the richness of this land.​

Taste profile: Grassy
Notes of: Almond, Fresh Grass, Pine Gable
Olives: 35% Salonenque, 35% Picholine, 30% Aglandau
Region/Country: France
Harvest date: 1 Nov 2021
Producer: Jean Luc Placet

​Salad with bacon, chicken with almonds, grilled lamb, Avignonese stew, peppers stuffed with rice

Name: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Mas de Bret

Net quantity : 250ml

Origin: Product of France 

Ingredient List : Olives: 35% Salonenque, 35% Picholine, 30% Aglandau 

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Olive oil producer since 2011, Jean-Luc Placet is a renowned businessman whose 40-year career did not necessarily dispose him to olive growing. And yet! This fine gourmet was charmed by this land of olive trees with its great cultural richness that fulfills his passion for history and art.​

Always looking for new adventures, he bought and restored an old property surrounded by the olive trees that his predecessor, his cousin, had planted. Thus began his return to his roots and his adventure in olive oil. With the help of Eric Verdier's advice, Jean-Luc is getting closer every year to the challenge he set himself: to make his small olive oil production an extraordinary lot.​

​Dive into this oil:

Polyphenol content: /

Acidity level: 0.22

Peroxide level: 6.3 mek02/kg

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