Prosperino Organic Olive Oil - ITALY

  • Extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours.
  • An authentic and confidential ORGANIC grand cru to be absolutely tasted
  • A creamy and velvety olive oil
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Olive oil from the Marche region

It is in the Marche region that Stefano Prosperi produces his delicious organic olive oil on his olive farm. Respect for the environment, total commitment and traceability guarantee the excellence of the work of this passionate producer.  

This creamy and velvety olive oil is characterised by a fresh and almond taste obtained by pressing 2 varieties of local olives.

Taste profile: Floral
Notes of: Fresh Lettuce, Infusion Of Herbs, Nuts
Olives: 70% Ascolana Terena, 30% Frantoio
Region/Country: Italy
Harvest date: 1 Oct 2021
Producer: Stefano Prosperi

Fougasse, stuffed courgette flowers, filet of sole, macaroni, chicken papillotes..

Name: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prosperino

Net quantity : 500ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List : Olives: 70% Ascolana Terena, 30% Frantoio​ 

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Planted in 2003 by Stefano, this olive grove of 1500 trees is located in a mountainous and winding geographical area. The cultivation at high altitude avoiding insect attacks favours the production of quality organic olive oil.

The particularity of this orchard is to group together about thirty different varieties of olive trees. The olives chosen specifically for Oliviers&Co bring balance and length in the mouth to this Grand Cru, a small, very confidential batch.

Dive into this oil:

Polyphenol content: /

Acidity level: 0.17

Peroxide level: 3 mek02/kg

To learn more about the physico-chemical analysis of our olive oils, go to the dedicated blog post.

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