Château Regne Iris AOP Aix en Provence Olive Oil - FRANCE - 500ml

  1. Extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours.
  2. A fresh and delicate Aix-en-Provence PDO​
  3. A perfectly balanced olive oil with herbaceous notes
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A unique terroir and know-how​

This unctuous olive oil is perfectly balanced and reveals a unique taste. This great provencal vintage is marked by the strength of the Aglandau olive and the roundness of the Salonenque olive. This early harvested batch reveals an oil that is both soft and powerful. In order to obtain a true gustatory explosion of concentrated aromas, 10 kg of olives picked while still green are needed to produce a single liter of this nectar.​

This parcel of the Château Virant estate, with the pretty name of Règne Iris, faces directly south. It gives birth to a fresh and delicate PDO Aix-en-Provence olive oil. This Grand Cru olive oil has a pale green color with golden reflections and reveals notes of fresh grass, green apple and bitter almond. ​

An exceptional taste, a favorite of our oleicologist!​

Taste profile: Grassy
Notes of: Fresh Grass, Green Apple, Bitter Almond
Olives: 80% Aglandau, 20% Salonenque
Region/Country: France
Harvest date: 1 Oct 2021
Producer: Charlotte Cheylan

​Artichoke stew, vegetable tian, rabbit with olives, grilled lamb with herbs, fresh cheese 

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Château Regne Iris AOP Aix en Provence

Volume: 500ml

Origin: France

Ingredients: olives: 80% Aglandau, 20% Salonenque​

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


​A committed producer, Charlotte, daughter of Christine Cheylan, is a young graduate in viticulture and oenology. She watches over her orchard with passion to give birth to this Provencal elixir with such a pure and delicate taste. ​

Classified in the AOP Aix-en-Provence area, this olive grove is cultivated in sustainable agriculture. The olive stones and skins obtained after the extraction of the oil are spread in the fields to fertilize the olive trees. The olives are picked by hand and pressed less than 12 hours after the harvest.

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