Taxidi Olive Oil - Greece

  • Extra virgin olive oil, hand-picked and pressed within 24 hours
  • An olive oil that is very balanced and soft in the mouth
  • An olive oil produced in sustainable agriculture

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Immersion in the eastern lands of Crete​

Taxidi means "Journey" in Cretan, so this olive oil is intended to take you on a journey to the Cretan lands steeped in nearly 3500 years of history. This real favorite, integrates for the first time the collection of exceptional oil OLIVIERS&CO.​

This 100% Koroneiki olive oil, cultivated in an agroecological way in the respect of a protected environment, is the symbol of a Crete that reconnects with its traditions and its Minoan culture. The result is an olive oil that is very balanced and soft in the mouth, which will go perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine and the famous Cretan diet!

Taste profile: Floral
Notes of: Fresh Apple, Olive Blossom, Infusion Of Aromatic Herbs
Olives: 100% Koroneiki
Region/Country: Greece
Harvest date: 1 Dec 2021
Producer: Christina et Antonis Chrisoulas

Tomato and basil soup, grilled zucchini and eggplant, grilled sea bass, lemon and honey cake 

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taxidi

Net quantity : 500ml

Origin: Greece

Ingredient List : Olives: 100% Koroneiki

Storage conditions : Keep in a cool & dark place


It is thanks to the hard work of these two brothers and sisters that we can enjoy this exceptional Cretan elixir! Inspired by the principles of permaculture and agro-ecology, these producers are committed to reinventing a healthy and respectful olive culture. In order to preserve their olive grove, the production of olive oil is limited to 3 or 4 tons per year. ​

Christina & Antonis wish to develop a community around their family farm, in order to share their passion and the importance of a sustainable way of eating, especially through the short circuit. So, take part in this beautiful Cretan adventure, committed and delicious!

Dive into this oil:

Polyphenol level: 374 mg/kg

Acidity level: 0.2

Peroxide level: 5.7 mek02/kg

To learn more about the physico-chemical analysis of our olive oils, go to the dedicated blog post. 

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