Specialty Vinegar with Honey & Ginger

  • A strong and mellow condiment
  • The peppery power of ginger
  • The sweet sweetness of honey
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20 ml

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The natural accord of honey and ginger adds a slight spicy touch to our white condiment and creates a perfect balance with medium acidity. Fresh grape juice and ginger extract with a powerful scent and peppery taste give it its tangy and spicy notes which harmonize perfectly with the delicately sweet sweetness of honey. This condiment is distinguished by its strength and softness. It will enhance all your culinary fantasies...

Marinade of lamb, chicken, pork or white fish, shrimps, cauliflower, carrots or exotic fruits.

Name: Specialty Vinegar with Honey & Ginger

Net Quantity: 20ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List: concentrated grape must (sulfites), honey vinegar 11%, wine vinegar (sulfites), honey 4%, ginger extract 1%

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Always on the lookout for new flavours that can be combined with olive oil, Oliviers&Co. has developed a range of specialty vinegars. Recipes with unexpected flavours thanks to the quality of their ingredients. A perfect collection to refine any dish, from appetizer to dessert! This white condiment is made from a flower honey vinegar, harvested in the valleys of Modena. The honey will gradually transform and ferment until it becomes a sweet, clear and fragrant vinegar which gives a nice slightly amber aspect to this condiment. The fresh grape juice and ginger extract give it its tangy and spicy notes that harmonize perfectly with the sweetness of the honey, making this condiment stand out for its strength and smoothness.