Peppercorn Blend

  • 5 peppers
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Asian scents

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43 g

A blend of 5 very fragrant peppers (white, black, Szechuan, long and tail pepper), a perfect balance between spiciness and Asian fragrances. A medium grind allowing a practical use to spice up all your dishes.

Grilled meat, smoked fish, sautéed shrimps, strawberry salad, cheese

Name: Peppercor blend

Net quantity: 43g

Origin: Packaged in France Ingredients: White Pepper, Black Pepper, Tailed Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Long pepper

Storage conditions: keep in a dry, cool and dark place

A blend of 5 peppers: White PepperThe White Pepper in grains is obtained from the matured seeds. The taste of white pepper is more pronounced than that of black pepper, but less spicy. Black pepper: Black pepper is characterized by a warm and strong taste in the mouth, its bewitching aroma has long appealed to lovers of good taste. Szechuan pepper: These berries are from a thorny ash tree of Chinese origin and therefore do not belong to the piperum family (peppers in Latin). This pepper has a rich, slightly lemony flavour with woody and aniseed notes. Long Pepper: Its original fragrance is slightly reminiscent of cinnamon and liquorice. A delicate pepper with warm and sweet flavours. Tail pepper: Also called cubeb pepper, it is spicy with a hint of bitterness. It is recommended for those who like sweet peppers. Fresh and earthy odour, notes of eucalyptus and lemon.