Tzatziki mix

  • The most emblematic of Greek recipes
  • A perfect ingredient for a successful fresh aperitif
  • 5 minutes to prepare at home
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40 g

Embark on a delicious and healthy homemade Mediterranean aperitif:

Tzatzíki, Bruschetta, Zaatar and Kirmizi, 4 sunny mixes around spices and herbs.

To brighten up fresh cheeses, to season vegetable purées, to enhance olive oil, or even to spice up various salads, these new sunny mixes will follow your inspiration and desire to escape.

TZATZIKI: the most emblematic of Greek recipes, to be enjoyed as a mezze or as a topping for a pita. A real delight of freshness mixed with a base of Greek yoghurt and a touch of cucumber, Oliviers&Co's tzatziki is composed of sweet mint, dill and garlic, perfectly balanced.... A call to summer and holidays in the Mediterranean ... embark for the Cyclades.

Tabbouleh, chickpea salad, marinated salmon, cucumber and feta salad, gazpacho, in a cream sauce to accompany grilled fish, squid fritters, meatballs

Directions for use

- 1 125g Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese

- 1 tbsp. Tzatziki mix

- 2 tbsp. olive & mint oil

- 5cm grated cucumber, salt & pepper to taste 

Denomination : Tzatziki mix : Aromatic mix

Net quantity: 25 g

Origin: Produced in France

Ingredients: Sweet mint, dill, garlic Sweet mint, dill, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from light


From Italy to the Middle East via Greece and Turkey, embark on a spicy taste journey, and share a convivial moment with friends or family around these new tasty and balanced mixes. tasty and balanced blends.

With the constant aim of promoting the quality and diversity of its olive oils olive oils, Oliviers&Co has developed these exclusive blends around traditional spices and traditional Mediterranean recipes.

A fresh and exceptional olive oil will make all the difference to to sublimate a dipping aperitif around simple and healthy ingredients.

Based on vegetable purée, fresh cheese, olive oil and spices and herbs, the dip is the perfect ingredient for a successful for a successful aperitif. Simply served with crunchy vegetables, chips or bread chips, or breadsticks, it allows for all sorts of creative and gourmet creative combinations.

Nothing could be easier to improvise an aperitif and surprise your guests with these preparations to be made at home in just 5 minutes.

Test these mixtures with different olive oils and follow your inspiration, your tastes and your your inspiration, your tastes, your desires to escape around the Mediterranean lifestyle.

These blends with the right aromatic balance have been developed in France based on carefully selected and 100% natural ingredients, no no added flavourings.

These new sunny blends are also delicious for spicing up salads, grilled meat and fish, vegetables and pasta.