Orange Marmalade 210G

  • A traditional Sicilian orange marmalade recipe.
  • A 100% home-made product,
  • No colouring or preservatives.
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An essential Christmas recipe: Sicilian orange marmalade. 

Prepared by hand with freshly picked sweet oranges, this new fruity recipe is perfectly balanced, without bitterness. This delicious marmalade is not very sweet and has a texture similar to that of a compote. It is ideal for spreading at breakfast and will take you on a journey to sunny Sicily.

For use in cakes (muffins, cheesecakes, cupcakes), to brush on a pie crust or to enjoy in a simple fromage blanc! On toast, brioche, pancakes, chocolate cake or even with sheep's milk cheese or gorgonzola

Name: Orange Marmalade
Net Quantity: 210g
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List:  orange 50%, sugar, orange peel, fruit pectin. Prepared with 50g of fruit per 100g
Storage conditions : Store in a dry and cool place 

Discover the mythical flavours of the Mediterranean as you would never have dared to taste them!

A range composed of creations, magnifying simple ingredients through the most rigorous selection and authentic production methods. Great classics, perfect for transforming everyday or festive dishes.

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