Honey and Hazelnuts 240g

  • A home-made product
  • A 100% natural praline and creamy taste
  • An ideal spread for children

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240 g
A 100% natural praline and creamy taste!
Honey and hazelnuts, that's it!
Roasted hazelnuts are crushed to a paste and then mixed with butterfly lavender honey (maritime). Honey is a natural flavour enhancer, it sublimates the aromatic power of hazelnuts.
Made 100% by hand, this honey & hazelnut delight is an ideal spread for children, its natural composition allows it to combine greed and health! 

Easy to spread on a brioche, a pancake, a waffle, to flavour a whipped cream, or in a cottage cheese or simply with a spoon for the most greedy

Name: Honey & Hazelnuts
Net Quantity: 240g
Origin: Product of Portugal
Ingredient List:  87% lavender honey (butterfly lavender), 13% hazelnuts
Storage conditions : Store in a dry and cool place 

Discover the mythical flavours of the Mediterranean as you would never have dared to taste them!

A range composed of creations, magnifying simple ingredients through the most rigorous selection and authentic production methods. Great classics, perfect for transforming everyday or festive dishes.

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