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Oliviers&Co: The best Olive Oils in the world.


We annually harvest the best olive oils from the millennium olive tree, symbol of our company since its creation. Produced from the finest groves in the Mediterranean, then bottled in Haute-Provence, our vintage oils offer a new aspect of this legendary fruit with every harvest. And behind each bottle, the passion revealed is that of the men and women of the olive tree.


Selection: We travel throughout the Mediterranean to select hundreds of expert mills using demanding specifications. These mills ensure the "terroir", the olive varieties along with the vintage of our oils. The oils are all rated on a scale of 200 points, and only thirty odd per year are retained by our expert "oléicologue".

Quality and freshness: Olives are hand-picked in by our producers and cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest. 5 to 12 kilos of olives are used to obtain an exceptional litre of oil: this low yield is the guarantee of quality. When developing our aromatic oils, the olives are crushed directly with the citrus fruits, herbs and fresh spices: no added flavouring.

Traceability: We inspect over 1,200 batches per year, both in sensory and taste compliance, along with rigorous physico-chemical analysis. All our oils are then bottled in our workshop in Mane, Haute-Provence. Each label specifies the country of origin, the domain and producer's name, the harvest date, the varieties of olives and the number of litres available. Our bottles and containers are opaque in order to preserve the taste quality of our oils.


Our delicatessen products, both savoury and sweet, are developed based on exclusive recipes either by our staff or in partnership with one of our 23 master chefs. The same quality and traceability selection requirements are applied to all products under the OLIVIERS & Co brand.

Our history

It was in the village of Mane, high in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, that the adventure began with two men united around a common passion, the olive tree. Practically twenty years have passed since the creation of O&CO, visiting orchards and meeting with producers throughout Provence and the Mediterranean basin, forging a new image of the olive tree, rooted in tradition but firmly anchored in the modern world. 

These meetings were not only an opportunity to form friendships, but also the start of a journey of discovery of the incredible diversity of terroirs and flavors. The idea grew that, like grapes and wine, the olive tree deserved to have its exceptional vintages recognized. A completely innovative concept was born, and with it, the conviction that places were needed where this unsuspected source of flavors and aromas, hidden within the humble olive, could be shared.

Autour de l'olivier - Oliviers & Co

Our Values

It began with a true fascination with the Mare Nostrum, its countryside, its light, and its legendary tree, the olive. A very human adventure, built on happy accidents, decisive meetings, and relationships between gourmets. An immense respect for people and their expertise, an insistence on quality, and real concern for authenticity and sharing in an increasingly divided world. A sense of and respect for tradition, revisited in the light of modernity and originality. A demanding future, a desire for transparency and traceability for a consumer who respects nature and the environment. And finally: places for discovery and conviviality, where unimagined tastes and smells come together.

Autour de l'olivier - Séléction & Tracabilité


Olive oil: our craft, our passion!

  • Boutiques worldwide at your service.
  • Excellence, quality, reputation and reliability of a prestigious brand.
  • 110 mills adhering to the quality standards of Oliviers&Co.
  • On each label of our olive oils Grand Crus, we mention: the name of the producer and mill, country of origin, date of harvest, the lot clearly identified, the olives variety and the number of quantities selected.
  • Traceability as a guideline: selection and strict controls, all products are tracked from harvesting to bottling.
  • A systematic control of all products in the laboratory of Eric Verdier, Olivier&Co.’s quality manager and creative director, before they are made available in our boutiques (1200 product controls and 900 olive oil tastings).
  • The special care provided at each stage of productiongives Oliviers&Co.’s products their flawless quality.
  • The elaboration of Oliviers&Co.’s products Oliviers&Co. is done in Italy, France or Spain, depending on the type of food.
  • The elaboration of a product can take from six months to three years.


Olive oil is known for its health benefits: prevents cardiovascular disease, increases good cholesterol (HDL), slows cerebral aging, facilitates intestinal digestion, fights acid reflux, does not change gastric acidity.