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Selection & Traceability



Choosing an olive oil is a very similar process to wine-tasting: it involves using not only the eyes, but more particularly the nose and mouth, to determine the quality of the terroir and of the craftsmanship, because behind each exceptional vintage is the work of a passionate grower, which makes all the difference.

In order to finalize each selection, we bring together a tasting committee under the leadership of Eric Verdier, a specialist in sensory analysis. Comparing the grades and evaluations given by each member of the committee allows us to refine our definition of the sensory characteristics of each vintage. Each week, the olive oils chosen are submitted to a sensory analysis test to track their development and stability over time.

This year, despite difficult weather conditions and a seriously disrupted maturation cycle for the olives (attacks, olive fly bites, etc.), the OLIVIERS&CO. tasters were able to select 35 high-quality oils from the 100 samples taken.
All of these superb vintages of olive oil bear the Hommes de l'Olivier signature and feature the marked flavors of their region.

Autour de l'olivier - Séléction & Tracabilité


On each label, consumers can read the exact origin of the vintage, including the producer, the varieties of olives used and, of course, the harvest date. Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with time. We recommend that you buy it in small quantities (1/2 liter) and keep it away from light. Like any produce, olives are subjected to weather variations. From one year or region to the next, the harvest can vary considerably in terms of quality and quantity. This is why our olive oil vintages are available in strictly limited quantities, and it is completely normal for oil with the same origins to not necessarily possess the same characteristics from season to season. Certain vintages may even disappear completely from our selection if they fail to meet our quality criteria. Others are produced in such small quantities that it is no surprise if the inventory runs out mid-year.