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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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The Producers

Castillo Canena R.F Vaño Cañadas
Andalousia Spain


Castillo Canena R.F Vaño Cañadas

Andalousia Spain

Terroir & Caracteristic

From the Gaudalquivir Valley in the Jaén Province comes one of Spain’s most remarkable olive oils. In a peaceful and quiet environment, the olive trees are fed by the waters of the Guadina Menor, a river that flows along the property.
Taking its name from the family home tucked in the hills of the Canena canton, in the Spanish province of Jaén in Andalusia, these groves date back to 1780.

Meet the Producer

It is not far from Ubeda and Baeza, cities registered in the Unesco World Heritage and magnificent examples of Andalusian culture, that this oil is produced.

The history of this oil begins in 1780, in this family estate and named from the castle name: Castillo de Canena. The olive trees are planted on the Canena hill and are irrigated by the river waters of the "Guadania meñor". This small and quiet town in the province of Jaén in Andalusia, has been a traditional olive-growing area for 3000 years.

This oil produced by Rosa and Francisco Vaño Cañadas is one of the most remarkable olive oils of Spain. 


You will appreciate this olive oil with an intense and grassy taste profile with reveals on the palate notes of mustard seed, fresh herbs, cucumber and seaweed.