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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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The Producers

Inches Adriano Moretti
Umbria Italy


Inches Adriano Moretti

Umbria Italy

Terroir & Features

It is in Umbria, a region where olive groves stretch across the hills as far as the eye can see, that Adriano Moretti, in his small biological farm, produces his olive oil – delicious and floral. Respect for the environment, total commitment and traceability guarantee the excellent work of the producer!

Inches is located at the entrance of Morre di Baschi, a small village 15 kilometers south of the medieval city of Todi in Umbria, on the heights of the Tiber valley in Italy.



Meet the Producer

Adriano Moretti, a passionate producer, manages his production of olive oil with strict discipline, respect of the environment and a total commitment to traceability to guarantee the excellence of his oils. In his small organic farm, his olives follow the cycle of the seasons under his watchful eye.

All of these elements permit to offer unique and exceptional oils.


You will appreciate this olive oil for its floral taste profile which reveals fresh tomato leaf and warm notes of butter and hazelnut on the palate.