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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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The Producers

Lakudia Andreas Knauss
Monemvasia, Laconie, Péloponnèse, Greece


Lakudia Andreas Knauss

Monemvasia, Laconie, Péloponnèse, Greece

 Terroir & Caracteristic

Lakudia is situated in the charming village of Monemvasia on the peninsula of Peloponnese. Three hundred meters above the sea and surrounded by olive groves and the stone houses as far as the eye can see, this domain produces an organic olive oil of style authentic to the Greek mountains of its origin.  



Meet the Producer

The history of this oil begins in 1995, with over 1500 olive trees aged 10 to 200 years spread over about 5 hectares. It is in Laconia, a region around Monemvasia, in the south of the peninsula Peloponnese in Greece, that Andreas Knauss cultivates olive Athinio particularly adapted to the conditions of the region.

Andreas pays attention to the care taken in the harvest, he knows that it is one of the most important parts of oil production, which determines the quantity and quality. It is done 100% by hand. An authentic biological oil from the Greek mountains.



You will appreciate this olive oil with a floral taste profile with reveals on the palate notes of sweet almond, aromatic herbs, baked apple.

Les huiles de la production

Palekastro Olive Oil - GREECE

500 ml
Soon available