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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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The Producers

Marquiliani Anne Amalric
Haute Corse


Marquiliani Anne Amalric

Haute Corse

Terroir & Features

This grove, on the plateau of Aghione, benefits from a microclimate creating the ideal soil to grow several varieties of Corsican olives. The result is an oil of character with an aroma that evokes the wild terrain.
The property is located on the plateau of Aghione, flanked by the montains de Antisanti, in Alalia in Haute-Corse, Corsica.

 Meet the Producer

After traveling for her studies, Anne Amalric returned to Corse, in the family farm to develop the culture of the olive tree. It is on "the island of beauty", in a building rich in two hundred years of history that Anne produces almonds, olives and grapes.

But the true passion of Anne is the olive tree! Producer animated by deep convictions, she is looking for the best quality of olive oil while respecting the environment. A true family tradition coupled with careful work has allowed the production of a rare Corse PDO olive oil.



You will appreciate this oil for its grassy taste profile that leaves notes of dry grass, bitter almond, green pepper and artichoke on the palate.