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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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The great chefs

Alain Passard
L'Arpège, Paris 3 étoiles

Alain Passard

L'Arpège, Paris 3 étoiles

His restaurant, L'Arpège, will soon be celebrating its twenty year anniversary. In the kitchen, Alain Passard is like an orchestra conductor who can play all the instruments. He was schooled at the side of his chef grandmother; she taught him to understand the ingredients, the combination of flavors, and inventiveness with a respect for the basics...

Alain Passard's restaurant, the creative work is visible everywhere, and when tasting, it is both mysterious and obvious. With his black olive tapenade, the unexpected Orléans mustard discreetly plays its music and quite simply assumes its place in the ensemble.

Le chef en quelques images :