Summer BBQ gift set

  • Ideal for successful grilling
  • 3 ingredients to keep near your barbecue
  • A perfect composition for outdoor cooking
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The essentials for successful grilling! 

3 ingredients to keep near your barbecue to season your red meats or white beans, as well as your grilled vegetables.

Use the oils and herbs as a finish or marinade, combined or separately according to your taste, to more or less spice up all your summer dishes.

  • Pressed Olive and Fresh Chilli This oil can be used in all dishes, whether to spice up pizza, bruschetta or meat. Drizzle over the penne Arrabiata or use them in an island dish, like a shrimp rougail.

    Salt and herbs - Mixture of meats All your meat and grilled dishes!

    BBQ sauce all grilled meats, pulled pork, burger, marinated chicken thighs


    Denomination: Specialty based on olives and Chilli
    Net quantity: 100 ml
    Origin: Product of Italy
    Ingredients: Olive 95%, Chilli 4.5%, Lemon
    Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light

    Name: Salt and herbs - Mixture for meat
    Net quantity: 110 g
    Origin: Product of Italy
    Ingredients : Dried sea salt, red pepper, cumin seeds, anise, pink berries, mustard seeds, parsley leaves, basil leaves, black pepper Special storage conditions: Store in a cool & dry

    Name: BBQ Sauce
    Net quantity: 350G
    Origin: Product of France
    Ingredients: Tomatoes (70%), sugar, vinegar, salt, onion, garlic,​ spices, smoke flavoring.​
    Special storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening.