Set of 3 Reserved Harvest olive oils

  • Extra virgin olive oils from the Reserved Harvest, hand-picked and pressed within 24 hours
  • A triptych of olive oils typical of France, Italy and Greece
  • Travel to the Mediterranean and adapt your olive oil to your kitchen according to your desires
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Oliviers&Co has selected 3 "Reserved Harvest" extra virgin olive oils presented in an attractive wooden box. 3 oils typical of their country and terroir for a journey through French, Italian and Greek orchards:

  • A typical French olive oil, from the Tarascon region in the Bouches du Rhone, pure and velvety which smells good the sap of grass..
  • A typical Italian olive oil from the Puglia region, vegetable and balanced with a unique taste and more character.
  • A Greek olive oil that will take you on a journey to the island of Lesbos, with its golden colour, smooth and velvety taste and notes of fresh almond and jasmine.
  • Olive oil Récolte Réservée France: All Provençal cuisine, baked fish, mixed salads, grilled chicken, asparagus.
  • Olive Oil Harvested Italy: All Italian cuisine, seafood penne, mixed salads, stuffed peppers, veal sauté, asparagus risotto, gnocchi, antipasti, foccacia
  • Olive Oil Harvested Greece: All Greek and seafood cuisine, grilled aubergines, hummus, chicken kebabs, mixed salads with legumes. As a dessert on vanilla ice cream, with blackberries or wild strawberries. 

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mas Neuf

Net quantity : 500ml

Origin: France

Ingredient List olives : Koroneiki 45%, Arbequina 36%, Sikitita 19%, 

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place.

Name: Olearia Clemente Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin: Italy

Ingredients: Olives: 80% Ogliarola, 20% Coratina

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dark place

Name: Protoulis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin: Product of Greece

Ingredients: Olives: Kolovi, Adramytiani

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dark place

  • Olive oil from the Mas Neuf reserved harvest:

An early harvest and the know-how of this young olive grower have given birth to a fresh olive oil with a well-controlled bitterness and ardency. The choice of the best Greek and Spanish varieties "adopted" in the land of Provence allows an original and promising blend. This velvety olive oil will surprise you with its velvety and fresh taste.

  • Olearia Clemente Reserved Harvest Olive Oil:

Sweet and green, this extra virgin olive oil comes from the Clemente estate, located in Puglia in the heart of the Gargano National Park, along the Adriatic Sea. It is produced from the Ogliarola and Coratina olive varieties, harvested exclusively on the estate. We have selected it for its sweetness and balanced fruitiness; a unique and sweet taste suitable for all palates.

  • Protoulis Reserved Harvest Olive Oil:

The Protoulis family's olive oil is unique: this olive grove on the island of Lesbos is one of the oldest in all of Greece. A golden oil, with a smooth and velvety taste, which nevertheless retains its character and is distinguished by its aroma of fresh almonds and notes of jasmine. A favourite that will take you on a journey from your plate.

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