Tzatziki aperitif kit

  • A balanced blend, 100% natural, no added flavourings.
  • A call to summer and Mediterranean holidays
  • A perfect ingredient for a successful aperitif in less than 5 minutes
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TZATZIKI: the most emblematic of Greek recipes to be enjoyed as a mezze or as a topping for a pita.

Nothing could be simpler than to improvise an aperitif and surprise your guests with this preparation that you can make at home in just 5 minutes.

Test this mixture with different olive oils and follow your inspiration, your tastes, your desires to escape around the Mediterranean art of living. In this kit we combine it with the very fresh olive and mint speciality pressed for a very aromatic result.

This kit contains:

  • a tzatziki spice mix,
  • a 250ml olive and mint speciality
  • a plastic pourer for tin
  • a recipe booklet

Tzatziki mix: Tabbouleh, chickpea salad, marinated salmon, cucumber and feta salad, gazpacho, in a cream sauce to accompany grilled fish, squid fritters, meatballs

Directions for use

- 1 125g Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese

- 1 tbsp. Tzatziki mix

- 2 tbsp. olive & mint oil

- 5cm grated cucumber, salt and pepper to taste 

Olive and mint speciality: Delicious with tabbouleh, hummus, egg rolls, grilled chicken, rocket salad, green or tomato salad, strawberry or citrus salad, chocolate or almond cake...

Denomination: Tzatziki Mix: Spice Mix

Net quantity: 25 g

Origin: Produced in France

Ingredients: Sweet mint, dill, garlic Sweet mint, dill, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from light

Name: Olive and Mint Speciality

Net quantity: 250 ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredients: Olives 99% Mint 1%.

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place.

Based on vegetable puree, fresh cheese, olive oil and spices and herbs, the dip is the perfect ingredient for a successful for a successful aperitif. Simply served with crunchy vegetables, chips or bread chips, or breadsticks, it allows for all sorts of creative and gourmet creative combinations.

Combined with the olive and fresh mint speciality, this preparation will make all the difference to sublimate a dipping aperitif around simple and healthy ingredients.

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