• A smoky, spicy sauce (Picaro pepper)
  • Coupled with olive oil and freshly pressed garlic
  • Spiced up with the hot, spicy notes of Kirmizi
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Summer is often synonymous with barbecues and large outdoor gatherings. Spice up your gourmet moments with family and friends with our selection of gift sets, including our Spicy Flavor set. This set is a must-have for all fans of spicy dishes!

Spicy Sauce:

Beef or tuna tartare, rib of beef, grilled sardines, white meat marinade, etc.

Garlic Olive Oil: 

Ideal to garnish salads, bruschetta, marinades, pasta, fish and of course aioli.


In spicy marinades for grilled meat or fish, in a sauce to accompany grilled beef, sprinkled on jacket potatoes wedges style, in a vinaigrette, on scrambled eggs, simmered dishes.

Directions for use :

- 1 x 125g Greek yoghurt or mayonnaise, 1 tbsp Kirmizi mix, 1 tbsp RR Moroccan olive oil, 1 tbsp olive & garlic oil, salt

- To dip with bread, raw vegetables and chips, or on toast or pita bread

- You can replace the creamy base with chickpea puree or crushed tomato or avocado

Name: Kirmizi Mix: Vegetable and herb mix

Net quantity: 60 g

Origin: Produced in France

Ingredients: Parsley, garlic, salt, paprika: Parsley, garlic, salt, paprika, onion, red pepper, chipotle pepper, oregano, chives, olive oil, coriander, hot pepper.

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Description: SPICY SAUCE

Net Quantity: 350g

Origin: Product of France

Ingredients: Tomatoes(63%), sugar, vinegar, fresh chilli, salt, onion, garlic, spices including celery, smoke flavouring, vegetable Xanthan gum

Storage  Conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening.

Name: Olive & Garlic Specialty

Net quantity : 100ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List : Olives 99% Garlic 1%

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Spicy Sauce: The spicy sauce with tomato and French chili pepper!  An Oliviers&Co creation slightly smoked and enhanced with Picaro chili peppers grown in fields in France. Spicy but not excessive, its unique taste is the result of a subtle blend of tomatoes and fresh chili, toasted garlic and aromatic Mediterranean herbs. It evokes both the flavors of Provençal cuisine and the heat of Oriental cooking. Incredibly tasty and natural, this condiment is perfect for jazzing up grilled meats, ratatouille or vegetable gratins.

Pressed olives and fresh garlic oil: Our mill in Puglia, Italy, grinds olives and garlic cloves together under its millstone to preserve their aromatic qualities as well as possible. He has extracted an ideal garlic oil to spice up dishes and give a little more character to the ingredients. A must for Mediterranean-style cooking!

Krimizi Mix: Embark on a delicious and healthy homemade Mediterranean aperitif: Tzatzíki, Bruschetta, Zaatar and Kirmizi, 4 sunny mixes of spices and herbs. To brighten up fresh cheeses, to season vegetable purées, to enhance olive oil, or even to spice up various salads, these new sunny blends follow your inspiration and desire to escape. KIRMIZI takes its name from the Turkish translation of the colour RED inspired by a Turkish mezze recipe called Ezme, this spicy creation is a clever combination of paprika, red pepper and smoked chilli. The hot and spicy notes of Kirmizi are perfect for adding a spicy touch to your Mediterranean dippings and mezze. For the thrill-seeker, a few drops of fresh chilli olive oil will make a difference.

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