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Produits à l'huile d'olive
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Pour les plus gourmands d’entre vous Oliviers &Co. vous propose une sélection d’idées dessert, simple à préparer vous dégusterez ces desserts avec un plaisir sans fin, et sans faim.

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  • Description : 15 min
  • Cuisson : 15 mn
  • Attente : 1 H

Ingredients :

For 4 peoples

1kg of clams,
500g of linguine,
1 sprig of parsley,
3 cloves of garlic,
1 quarter candied lemon,
1 mini fennel with its leaves (or ¼ fennel bulb), O&CO. olive and wild fennel specialty,
20cl of white wine,
10cl of whipping cream,
O&CO. Natural sea salt, pepper, 3 pinches of O&CO AOC certified Piment


Description :

Rinse the clams and soak them for about an hour in cold, salted water. Once the clams are well soaked, place them in a saucepan with the white wine, the thinly sliced fennel (keep the leaves), the peeled and crushed garlic and half of the chopped parsley. Cover and leave to warm over a low heat. Remove the clams from the saucepan after 10 minutes, once they have opened. Remove the clams from their shells, leaving a dozen in their shells to be served with the pasta. Return the saucepan to the heat and reduce the cooking water from the clams by one third. Strain the juice then return it to the saucepan over a low heat. Add the cream and the finely chopped candied lemon, turn off the heat and put to one side. Cook the pasta al dente in salted water. Drain the pasta then mix into the sauce in the saucepan. Add the clams and the rest of the chopped parsley. Season with the natural sea salt and the pepper. Add the finely chopped fennel leaves. Transfer the mixture to a serving dish. Spread out the clams in their shells, sprinkle with Piment d'Espelette and drizzle the olive and wild fennel specialty over the dish. Serve immediately.