Prestige duet 2 exceptionnal oils

  • 1 discovery box of 2 Grand Cru extra virgin olive oils
  • 2 origins of excellence: France and Italy, to discover the best of olive oil
  • The ideal gift for olive oil lovers or to initiate novice palates
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A box containing 2 Grand Cru olive oils, to discover the cream of the cream of olive oil:

A very vegetal and powerful Italian oil from Tuscany and a lively and fruity French oil from Haute-Provence.

This is the ideal gift for olive oil lovers or novices, who will be able to introduce their palate to two very different and undeniably exceptional olive oil profiles. You can't go wrong with this set. This duo is completed with 2 resealable plastic pourers to facilitate the use and conservation of the oil after opening.

Domaine Salvator : Sliced courgettes, fillet of sole, tomatoes « à la provençale » 

Frantoio Prunetti: tomato-burrata, steak tartare, raw artichoke

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Domaine Salvator

Volume: from 250ml

Origin: Product of France

Ingredients: olives: 100% Aglandau

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Name: Extra virgin olive oil Frantoio Pruneti bio

Volume: 250ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredients: olives: 85% Frantoio​ 10% Leccino​ 5% other

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Discover 2 exceptional estates:

Domaine Salvator, Both sweet and delicately spicy​

This beautiful 100% organic olive oil produced in Haute-Provence reveals surprising notes of dried herbs and cypress.​.​​The terroir of Les Mées gives the olives an aromatic intensity due to the altitude and the climate which is both Alpine and Mediterranean.​Whether raw or cooked, this oil goes well with all types of salads and Provencal cuisine. ​.

Frantoio Prunetti: An extraordinary olive oil, a journey to Tuscany

Produced in the heart of the Florentine hills, this unctuous olive oil with an intense and herbaceous nose reflects the soul of Tuscany and the Pruneti brothers. This organic olive oil expresses powerful notes of freshly cut grass and cypress on the palate, typical of oils from the Chianti region. A slightly peppery and bewitching finish; the absolute archetype of a great Tuscan oil