Unique Oliviers&Co know-how


From the thousand-year-old olive tree, emblem of our company since its creation,

we source the best olive oils every year. 

From the most beautiful orchards of the Mediterranean, then bottled

in Haute-Provence, our vintage oils offer

each harvest a new facet of this mythical fruit.

And behind each bottle,

it is the passion of the men of the olive tree that is expressed.


Oliviers & Co sélectionneur d'huilde d'olive
Burrata huile d'olive

Why we exist


"To create and maintain the pleasure of a simple and good cuisine,

healthy and ecological, inspired by the Mediterranean diet

and its most beautiful symbol, olive oil. 


To help people discover exceptional foods and products,

authentic flavours,

and meetings with passionate chefs and producers."



To this end, our daily guideline follows 5 clear commitments:


A demand for quality

thanks to a drastic selection, in order to meet

very precise organoleptic, technical and quality specifications.

Loyalty and support to producers

Consistency (we have worked with some of them since the beginning of Oliviers & Co)

and support to help them reach the high standards required

to integrate our selection, but no complacency.

Traceability from the orchard to the bottle.

We know all our producers and know from which plot of land

the olives that make up our extra virgin olive oils were picked.

A taste for discovery

new products, exclusive recipes,

innovative combinations to renew ourselves every day,

with the collaboration of great chefs of French gastronomy

and passionate producers.

The Mediterranean art of living

our products are above all a taste experience,

which need to be cooked and shared in a daily kitchen

inspired by the Mediterranean diet.




"As with wine, each olive oil has its own personality, linked to the combination of several factors: the land, the know-how of the people and the mill, the varieties and maturity of the olives used. Olive oil is a pure fruit juice that offers a wide range of tastes and aromas. Some like it sweet, others bitter or spicy, round, fiery, creamy... ".


"It is not used as a simple fat and could almost be qualified as a spice as its flavours enrich and nuance the dishes..."



If you had to choose 4 products to introduce you to Oliviers&Co: 


Huile d'olive la Classique

  • Balanced and consensual
  • Can be used raw or for cooking (up to 210°)

huile au basilic

  • Freshly pressed olives and basil
  • No added flavourings
  • Will transform your tomato salads

Vinaigre balsamique

  • Balanced colour, texture and taste
  • No flavouring, caramel or colouring
  • The authentic balsamic vinegar 

Les huiles d'olive grands crus

  • The "crème de la crème" of olive oil
  • The vintage oils of the year
  • Traceability from the plot to the bottle


L'Histoire d'Oliviers&Co : L'origine 


The Oliviers&Co. adventure began 25 years ago

in the heart of Provence,

in the charming village of Mane.

At the heart of this project, exceptional men

who came together around a common passion

the making of olive oil.

Mane, Haute-Provence Usine Oliviers & Co



At that time, we went to meet the most renowned olive oil producers in the Mediterranean Basin: olive growing is a unique know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation in Provence. And we presented them with our project: to give olive oil a prominent place in contemporary gastronomy.

Olive oil is to the olive tree what wine is to the vine. The fruit of the olive tree hides a treasure trove of flavours and aromas that our brand wants the whole world to discover.

Beautiful encounters, a taste of the land, great wines: that's what Oliviers&Co is all about.

Today, Oliviers&Co invites you to discover and revisit the typical products of the Mediterranean region with the constant aim of seeking quality at every stage, in every product, to offer you good and healthy products.


Oliviers & Co - producteurs oliviers olives

Oliviers&Co in a few dates



Oliviers&Co began when a group of photographers set out on a journey across the Mediterranean to discover the world of olive growing. Along the way, tasting the diversity of olive oils and meeting friendly and passionate producers, their inspiration manifested itself in the following concept: "olive oil could be tasted and recognized in the same way as great wines".



Oliviers&Co. was founded in Mane, Alpes de Haute-Provence to share the tastes of the Mediterranean. The first telephone orders were initially for olive oils discovered and selected during Oliviers&Co's inaugural trip across the Mediterranean.



Arrival of Oliviers&Co's Director of Quality and Product Development, otherwise known as Oliviers & Co's "olive oil sommelier", Eric Verdier establishes Oliviers & Co's strict olive oil selection criteria; recognized throughout the olive oil industry as having a mandate to ensure superior quality.



Jean-Marie Meulien, member of the Haute Cuisine Française and chef of many prestigious restaurants in Provence and Paris, is called upon by Oliviers & Co to concoct culinary creations inspired by olives and olive oil, several of which have become perennial recipes in any kitchen, such as the Genovese pesto with basil, parmesan and pine nuts and the pesto with peppers and ricotta, whose name speaks for itself. Jean-Marie Meulien serves as a reference for the greatest European chefs who will contribute to the future creations of the Oliviers & Co chefs. Find all the chefs' recipes and the chefs who collaborate with Oliviers & Co today.



The first shop opens in Paris on the Ile St Louis, followed by several others in France. 



Oliviers&Co. opens its first international shops in the United States (in New York's historic Grand Central, Boston and Short Hills, New Jersey), Belgium, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Brazil and Japan while continuing to grow at a steady pace in France.

Oliviers & Co's expansion also extends to its product range, with the introduction of the best-seller since its arrival: the premium balsamic vinegar of Modena (since renamed the Silver Quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)


  • 2005 - 2006

MANAGEMENT: Mr. Albert Baussan, Oliviers & Co's main olive grower, becomes majority shareholder and CEO of Oliviers & Co.

OLIVIERSANDCO.COM : Oliviers & Co USA launches oliviersandco.com, the brand's first online store.



On the strength of its advertising momentum in France, Oliviers & Co is launching its first national advertising campaign in the renowned gourmet publication Elle a Table.



Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, through his investment holding company Notus Technologies, becomes majority shareholder of Oliviers & Co upon the death of Albert Baussan.



Oliviers & Co has 52 shops in 12 countries, a presence in fine grocery shops and exceptional restaurants in France and abroad. Find all Oliviers & Co France shops.

A constantly growing organic range and innovations every year in condiments, oils and Mediterranean delicatessen recipes...


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