French and artisanal organic cider vinegar

  • No preservatives, unpasteurized and unfiltered
  • Orchards cultivated in organic pasture, in France
  • A lively and fruity cider vinegar
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250 ml

To vitalize the daily cooking or to complete a wellness routine, cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years for its numerous virtues. ​

Without preservatives, unpasteurized and unfiltered, this cider vinegar comes from organic farming.​

The benefits of organic cider vinegar are countless: antioxidant, antiseptic, tonic, slimming ally (1 kcal for 100ml) ....​

Lively and fruity, our French cider vinegar is made by a couple of committed producers. Their orchards are located in the middle of the mountains and are cultivated in organic eco-pasture, an eco-responsible method of cultivation grazed by Highland cows. 

Dressings​, spring Quinoa Salad , Pickles, Coleslaw​, Monkfish with cider vinegar and honey​, deglazing of red or white meats​, meat or fish marinades​, deglazing of shellfish​, baked apple and dried fruits.

The recipe of the detox drink with apple cider vinegar.

Name: Appel cider vinegar

Volume: 250ml

Origin: France

Ingredients:  ORGANIC cider apples

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


How is an exceptional artisanal cider vinegar made?​

The cider vinegar is obtained by the double fermentation of the apple juice. A first one to obtain the cider and a second one for the vinegar, by acetic fermentation. The duration of the transformation is 12 months on average. The purpose of this slow process is to allow the production of aromatic esters that give the vinegar its taste.​

The use of about twenty old varieties of apples, including Mettais, Petit Jaune, Rouget De Dol, Guillevic and Saint Nicolas, containing a lot of tannins, is essential to the production of this quality vinegar.​

This product is natural, a slight deposit (mother of vinegar) will form with time, it is not a defect but a visible sign of quality. ​

Cooking with apple cider vinegar​

This vinegar has many uses in the kitchen. It is used primarily for vinaigrette, marinades, deglazing poultry and pickles, but also to make baked apples and detox drinks. ​

Many health benefits​

Cider vinegar is associated with a super food for good reasons: weight loss, improved digestion, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, blood sugar regulation, beautiful skin... The recipe of the detox drink with apple cider vinegar.