Black Truffle Aroma Specialty with Olive Oil

  • A powerful and woody speciality
  • The aromas of the black truffle
  • Ideal as a final touch to spice up a dish
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A speciality based on olive oil from Puglia (southern Italy) deliciously flavored that will please truffle lovers. A perfect oil to sublimate everyday dishes while evoking the powerful aromas of the black truffle! The "Black Truffle" also called "black diamond" has always been a noble mushroom, a true cult of high gastronomy. Its complex aromas are suitable for the simplest dishes as well as for the most refined to reveal meals worthy of the greatest gastronomy. 

Use as a finishing touch on risotto, pasta, mashed potatoes, asparagus, eggs or simmered meats.

Name: Black Truffle Aroma Specialty with Olive Oil (99.75%)

Net quantity : 50 ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List: Extra virgin olive oil 99,75%, black truffle aroma 0,25%

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place


This dark tuber owes its incomparable fragrance and flavour to the many tree species at the foot of which it hides: oak, hazelnut, lime tree or other Aleppo pine. Whether black or white, summer or winter, truffles enchant the palate with their intense aroma. A few drops of our flavoured olive oils are enough to delicately flavour your dishes from the simplest to the most refined. OLIVIERS&CO wanted to sublimate this precious jewel of the Mediterranean by creating a collection of new, tasty and refined recipes.