MEDITERRANEAN ISLANDS Oleifico San Calogero Olive Oil - ITALY

  • Sicilian craftsmanship like no other
  • A limited edition of 2000 numbered bottles not to be missed
  • Extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours
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500 ml

Oleificio San Calogero is an authentic gem, an invitation to travel to the most beautiful garden of the Mediterranean: Sicily.

Produced from handpicked Nocellara del Belice olives and crushed 3 hours after harvesting, this exceptional Grand Cru showcases Sicilian ancestral craftsmanship. This round and fleshy olive embodies Sicilian excellence, primarily cultivated in the Belice Valley and benefiting from the protected designation of origin (DOP).

Its early harvest gives this elixir a perfect balance, revealing aromas of fresh almond, tomato leaf, and freshly cut grass, so typical of Nocellara del Belice.

Taste profile: Grassy
Notes of: Fresh Almond, Tomato Leaf, Cut Grass
Olives: 100% Belice Nocellara
Region/Country: Italy
Harvest date: 1 Oct 2023
Producer: Giuseppe Santangelo

Delicious with all tomato-based dishes, this olive oil is perfect with anything that shares its profile: raw, lively. Sicilian cuisine is full of delicious dishes such as pasta alla Norma or orange and fennel salad, enhanced by olive oil, the essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine.

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Oleifico San Calogero

Volume: 500ml

Origin: Italy

Ingredients: Olives : 100% Belice Nocellara

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Dive into the heart of the Mediterranean and let yourself be transported to the sunny islands of Sicily, Corsica, and Majorca with our exclusive collection of 3 exceptional olive oils.

This new capsule collection pays tribute to the deep blue of the Mediterranean, the majestic olive trees, and the sea breeze.

At Oliviers&Co, we set out to meet these passionate olive growers and discover these fertile islands where the olive tree is deeply rooted in the local culture. Just like grape varieties in wine, the terroir, climate, harvesting method, and expertise in olive pressing are crucial. Each olive variety offers a different sensory experience, elevated by the talent of the producer.

3 Olive Oil Stars:




This trilogy is a highly limited edition, evoking travel and the Mediterranean way of life; each bottle is numbered to ensure authenticity.


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