Pressed Olive & Fresh Lemon

  • Pressed olives and Fresh lemon
  • A delicate and characteristic taste of fresh lemon
  • A remarkable, fruity and slightly spicy olive oil
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250 ml

A preparation, which assembles olives and fresh lemon, pressed together. This blend of fresh fruits will offer a remarkable olive oil, fruity and slightly tart, enhanced with notes of lemon zest. A very fine perfume that will sublimate your delicate dishes, both sweet and savoury! This olive and lemon based oil has no added flavouring, which gives it the subtle, delicate and characteristic taste of fresh lemon.

A simple fillet on your scallop carpaccios, tuna or salmon tartar, endive salad, marinades, grilled or steamed vegetables... But also as a dessert in peach or pineapple carpaccios, strawberry salad, yoghurt cakes, fruit tarts…

Name: Olive & Lemon Specialty

Net quantity : 250ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List : Olives 97% Lemon 3% ( lemon, essentiel oil of lemon)

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


A rare oil from Italian tradition: fresh lemons are added to the olives during pressing. Entirely natural product, made in Puglia, in the south of Italy, where the tradition of olives and pressed citrus fruits from Abruzzo has been reinvented. It must be said that in Abruzzo, it was customary, at the end of the olives, to degrease the wheels by crushing lemons. The oil obtained was reserved for family use. Today, everyone can enjoy this excellent lemon-flavored olive oil. So Lemons for marinated fish, cold meat or fresh goat cheese

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