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  • An iconic box from the Christmas collection
  • A sumptuous and tasty duo
  • Ideal for all your culinary preparations or to offer
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For a Tasty and Enchanting Holidays...

The warm copper and golden colors of Christmas are reimagined in a chic and authentic duo. The iconic Oliviers&Co bottle, entirely screen-printed for the first time in a 250ml size, is a delight for the eyes and the taste buds. This vegetable Christmas oil is accompanied by a timeless classic: white condiment. Its honeyed and flowery taste with sweet and sour notes harmoniously complements the olive oil to elevate all your salads, from the simplest to the most festive. This set contains the 2023 Sabino Leone Holiday Oil in its screen-printed 250ml bottle and the White Condiment in 250ml.

White condiment: Perfect for deglazing pan-fried scallops, seasoning an arugula and grapefruit salad, a fig salad with ham and parmesan, salad grilled chicken with spinach, exotic salad with mango, endive salad.

Sabino Leone Christmas Oil: Summer salads, grilled squid, ratatouille, roasted melon

Name: Sabino Leone Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Net quantity: 250ml
Origin: Italy
Ingredients: Olives: 100% Peranzana
Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light


Name: White Condiment
Net quantity: 250 ml
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredients: concentrated grape must (sulphites), white wine vinegar 20% (sulphites)
Special storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place

Oil and vinegar duo: assortment only available in box

Sabino Leone Christmas Oil 250ml

Oliviers&Co has selected a brand new Italian orchard in the heart of the sunny lands of Puglia. Without any bitterness, this single-variety olive oil is distinguished by its vegetal freshness and roundness in the mouth. This exceptional grand cru with notes of almond and green asparagus, will lend itself to all culinary creations, enough to brighten up your meals and your winter tables.

White condiment

A light amber color, the white condiment is obtained by a mixture of grape must and high quality white wine vinegar. Its high concentration of grape must gives it a honeyed and sweet note on the palate - WITHOUT ADDED FLAVORS. It offers a sweet alternative to white wine vinegar, thanks to its low acidity. Both fruity and floral, it offers a harmonious sweet and sour combination that works beautifully in salad dressings.