White Condiment

  • Alternative to white wine vinegar
  • Slightly acidic, fruity, honeyed note
  • No added flavorings
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250 ml
With a light amber colour, the white condiment is obtained from a mixture of grape must and high-quality white wine vinegar. Its high concentration of grape must gives it a honeyed and sweet note on the palate - WITHOUT ADDED AROMAS - and offers a sweet alternative to white wine vinegar, thanks to its low acidity. Both fruity and flowery, it offers a harmonious sweet and sour combination that works beautifully in salad dressings.
Perfect for deglazing pan-fried scallops, seasoning an arugula and grapefruit salad, fig salad with ham and parmesan, grilled chicken salad with spinach, exotic salad with mango, endives salad.

Name: White condiment 

Net Quantity: 250 ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List: concentrated grape must (sulfites), white vine vinegar 20% (sulfites)

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place

Produced for centuries in the Modena region, balsamic vinegar is made from grape must and wine vinegar. In the heart of this province, the best grapes are picked, which are then heated over a low heat to obtain the grape must. The white condiment of Modena is the link between balsamic vinegar (the sweetness brought by the high concentration of grape must) and white wine vinegar (giving it its amber colour).

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