Drop feather decor spoon

  • Stainless steel robus feather spoon
  • To create stunning plate decorations such as signature, message, floral decoration, arabesques, doodle
  • The perfect tool for culinary artists
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Like a culinary artist, you too can sign and take care of your presentations with the SPOON DROP and amaze your guests with your culinary art!

Extremely simple to use, these SPOON DROP spoons do not require any particular know-how and allow you to obtain stunning results from the first uses. All that remains is to give way to your imagination.

Ideal for creating a stunning decor or a signature with:

a salty sauce

a tomato coulis

balsamic vinegar

a fruit coulis

a chocolate sauce

a custard



In a small container, take a small quantity of sauce in the feather spoon and place the tip of the spoon vertically on your plate, sliding the feather over the porcelain.

You can achieve full and thin lines as you wish. You can superimpose lines of different colors or combine lines and dotted lines.

Made with stainless steel