• A waste-free gift-wrapping
  • A traditional method of fabric folding
  • Size 60x60 cm
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100 m
Furoshiki is a Japanese origami-like fabric folding technique. It's used for waste-free gift wrapping or, for example, transporting items.

Furoshiki is much more than a simple fabric folding technique. Originating from Japan, its history spans several centuries. Initially, Furoshiki was used to wrap and carry clothing to Japanese public baths (onsen). People used pieces of fabric to wrap their personal belongings while heading to the baths, and the same fabric would then serve as a towel or bath mat once inside.

Over time, Furoshiki has evolved into a versatile practice, utilized for wrapping and transporting all sorts of items, from gifts to groceries, books, or lunch boxes. Its popularity stems particularly from its eco-friendly nature: by using reusable fabrics to wrap items, it significantly reduces waste production compared to disposable packaging.

There are numerous and diverse folding techniques for Furoshiki, each tailored to different shapes and sizes of objects. Additionally, Furoshiki offers an elegant aesthetic and can be used as a fashion accessory or decorative element.

Today, Furoshiki has become a symbol of sustainability, creativity, and practicality, extending its popularity beyond Japan, and garnering increasing interest for its use worldwide.

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