Frantoio Pruneti Olive Oil - Italy

  • A creamy and fragrant gourmet oil
  • Real family know-how
  • Extra virgin olive oil, hand-picked olives, pressed within 24 hours
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An exceptional olive oil, a trip to Tuscany
Produced in the heart of the Florentine hills, this creamy olive oil reflected with a freshness and grassy The nose reflects the soul of Tuscany and the Pruneti brothers. This olive oil expresses dominant aromatic notes of avocado on the palate, without too much bitterness. A slightly peppery and captivating finish;

The absolute archetype of a great Tuscan oil.

Taste profile: Grassy
Notes of: Fresh Almond, Tomato Leaf, Avocado , Rosemary
Olives: 60% Frantoio, 30% Leccino, 10% Peranzana
Region/Country: Italy
Harvest date: 1 Nov 2023
Producer: Gianni & Paolo Pruneti

Tomato soup, arrabiata pasta, sliced duck confit, mashed potatoes

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Frantoio Pruneti 

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredients: olives: 85% Frantoio​ 10% Leccino​ 5% peranzana

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


The gentle hills of Florence, covered with olive groves and irises, are the starting point for the history of the Pruneti family, which has been present in this area since the mid-19th century. The estate is renowned for the production of high quality olive oils, but also irises for the perfume industry.

The Pruneti brothers, following in the footsteps of their grandfather, have learned to master every detail, from the orchard to the extraction in their own mill. The latest generation of machines allow a grinding with a minimum impact on oxidation, in order to preserve the freshness of this smooth and fragrant gastronomic olive oil. An exceptional quality, an extremely low acidity level (0,11mg/kg) guarantees an oil of very high quality.

Dive into this oil:

Polyphenol content: 363 mg/kg
Acidity: 0.17%
Peroxides: 6.8 mek02/kg

To learn more about the physico-chemical analysis of our olive oils, go to the dedicated blog post.

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