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  • A gift set containing Oliviers & Co essentials
  • To discover and make people discover quality products
  • Adapted to everyday cooking
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Offer the Oliviers&Co Essentials, which consists of a selection of products most popular with our customers and essential in any kitchen. An ideal and useful gift to discover and make discover our products.

Presented in an Oliviers & Co:

1 balsamic vinegar of modena "silver quality" 250 ml

1 olive & basil 250 ml

1 specialty based on 99.75% flavored olive oil 50 ml

1 Tomato Délice 120g

1 salt and herbs for pasta and salad 110g

1 bottle pourer

For everyday cooking and receive guests. See details per products in "know more"

Net quantity : 50ml/3.3 oz
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List:Extra virgin olive oil 99,75%, black truffle aroma 0,25%
Storage conditions:Keep in a cool and dry place

Name: Recipe with Tomatoes & Espelette Pepper
Net quantity : 120g
Origin: Product of France
Ingredient List: dried tomato in olive oil 37% (rehydrated dried tomato 68%, olive oil, salt, sugar, vinegar), tomato 35% (tomato, tomato juice), extra virgin olive oil, onion, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, grape must, coloring: caramel, sulfites), tomato puree, sugar, P.D.O. Espelette pepper 0.9%, salt, cumin, white pepper. 
Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon

Net quantity : 250ml /8.4 floz
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List : Olive 99%, Basil 1%
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Net quantity: 110 g
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient list: Dried sea salt, marjoram, tomato flakes, chives, onion
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place

Net Quantity: 250ml/8.5 fl.oz
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List: Cooked grape must (Sulfites), wine vinegar (Sulfites) - Acidity 6%
Storage conditions:Keep in a cool & dry place

In a rectangular gift box: 1 superior balsamic of modena 250mlO&CO. Best Seller. Made according to an ancient recipe, this superior quality balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy, has been slowly refined in a variety of precious wooden casks until it has reached a perfect balance between sweet and sour, with a syrupy texture. Food pairings : Drizzle on grilled meat, chicken, or fish, baked vegetables and even desserts.1 olive & basil specialty 250mlA rare oil made from olives and basil leaves. Basil brings all its aromatic freshness and strength to olive oil.Food pairings:  Tomatoes, salads, pasta, ..1 black truffle aroma olive oil 50mlThis Italian specialty is made from Olive Oil 99.75% flavored .... A delight!Food Pairings : Used as a final touch to your dish, this oil brings delicious depth of flavor to your meat, stuffed pasta and eggs. Perfect with asparagus1 Bell Pepper & Black Olive Delice140gCarefully selected sun-ripened bell peppers and  beautiful black olives are the key ingredients in this exclusive creation by Oliviers&Co. The sweet flavor of red pepper is enhanced by a seasoning mix of olive oil, garlic and spices.Food Pairings: Serve on toasts for aperitif with a dash of our Espelette Pepper. Pair with fresh cheese as a verrine or wrapped in puff pastry. Use as a base fora savory mille-feuille, bruschetta, or even a pizza. Use as a sauce for white meat, fish or shellfish 1 Salt & herbs for pasta & salad: Our exclusive mix of sea salt and herbs, developed by Michelin-starred chef, Jean-Marie Meulien can be used as a seasoning base for vinaigrettes and pasta sauces. 1 spout  Easy to use, it is suitable for all olive oil containers Oliviers & Co. It will allow you to more precisely determine the amount of olive oil to be used

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