Healthy duo kit

  • A fresh and dynamic duo composed of 2 healthy allies for everyday life
  • Extra virgin olive oil l'Extraverte: a concentrate of olive and polyphenols
  • Organic cider vinegar: antioxidant, antiseptic, tonic, slimming ally
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A box with freshness and pep composed of 2 products that will become your daily health allies:

An extra virgin olive oil "Extraverte", a Spanish olive oil rich in polyphenols (725mg/kg) to use as a finishing touch to your dishes. This is a powerful olive oil: a rare and unique olive concentrate for olive oil lovers, in a limited edition printed bottle.

An artisanal organic cider vinegar, to vitalise your daily cooking or complete a detox routine. Lively and fruity, our French organic cider vinegar is made from old apple varieties by a couple of committed producers. Their orchards are located in the middle of the mountains and are cultivated using eco-pasture. Cider vinegar has many benefits: antioxidant, antiseptic, tonic, slimming ally (1 kcal for 100ml)... Find the recipe of the detox drink with cider vinegar. Find the recipe of the detox drink with cider vinegar.

All presented in a pretty gift box and containing a pourer for the olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil "Extraverte : Seasonal vegetables, simmered dishes, pasta, fish or beef carpaccios

Cider vinegar: Dressings, spring quinoa salad, pickles, Coleslaw, monkfish with cider vinegar & honey, deglazing of meats, meat or fish marinades, deglazing of shellfish, baked apple and dried fruits...

The recipe for the homemade detox drink made with cider vinegar.

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Extraverte

Volume: 500ml

Origin: Spain

Ingredients: olives: 100% Picual

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Name: Appel cider vinegar

Volume: 250ml

Origin: France

Ingredients:  ORGANIC cider apples

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Duo Health, composed of:

Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Extraverte

Rare and unique are the key words for this beautiful Extravert with its incredible emerald green colour! Available in limited edition.From a very early harvest, 8 kilos of olives picked while still green were needed to make one litre of this fresh and fiery oil, subtly velvety in the mouth.L'Extraverte is an explosion of vegetable flavours and a real bouquet of cut herbs. Its unique emerald green colour is preserved in a white case with an olive branch.Rich in polyphenols (729mg/kg at bottling), this genuine olive extract has unique nutritional properties!  Green gold in its purest form.

An artisanal cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is associated with a super food for good reasons: weight loss, improved digestion, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, regulation of blood sugar, beautiful skin... The recipe of the homemade detox drink made with cider vinegar.