Moulin de Mouriès olive oil - AOP BAUX DE PCE - FRANCE

  • A sweet and delicious matured olive oil
  • Ideal for lovers of very mild olive oils
  • Aromas of tapenade, cocoa and undergrowth
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500 ml

The Moulin de Mouriès: a new arrival at Oliviers&Co!

Olive oil with unique flavors of black tapenade and cocoa! The birth of this "matured olives" oil begins with the manual harvesting of green and fresh olives. Then, a specific maturation process is implemented, consisting of fermenting the olives under controlled conditions before milling. This controlled fermentation technique gives the oil dominant aromas of tapenade, cocoa, and undergrowth.​

Originating from the Vallée des Baux de Provence and benefiting from the protected designation of origin, this oil proves to be mild, without any hint of bitterness or aromas of fruits or herbs. Matured olive oil is a French savoir-faire, a cultural exception acclaimed for its gourmet aspect, its roundness in the mouth, and its unique aromas.​

Notes of: Cocoa, Black Olives Tapenade, Mushroom
Olives: 50% Aglandau, 15% Salonenque, 15% Verdale, 10% grossane, 10% Picholine
Region/Country: France
Harvest date: 1 Nov 2023
Producer: F-Xavier Arnihac

This bold olive oil will express itself perfectly in cooking with potatoes, goat cheese, pizza, or through oriental cuisine.

Name: Moulin de Mouriès olive oil - AOP BAUX DE PCE - FRANCE

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin: France 

Ingredients: 50% Aglandau, 15% Salonenque, 15% Verdale, 10% grossane, 10% Picholine 

Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light 


This Provence OLIVES Maturées olive oil, produced by François Xavier Arnihac, an expert miller, evokes traditional Provencal olive oils appreciated for their taste of very ripe black olives, like those our grandparents knew.

The "matured olives" oil is made from green and fresh olives harvested early in the season. According to strict regulations, the miller initiates the fermentation of the olives in tanks, in a closed and heated room. His expertise lies in the daily control of the olive temperature, which day by day will ferment without oxygen.

Then the miller crushes the olives, and the olive oil obtained is filtered to remove all impurities and give it the best stability, so that it can benefit for as long as possible from the best aromas that give it its charm: tapenade, cocoa, undergrowth, and even vanilla.

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