Pasta Basilico

  • An ideal box for lovers of good cooking!
  • Perfect for seasoning your pasta and rice
  • An ideal assortment for making tasty recipes
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An ideal box for lovers of good cooking!

this is what this lovely assortment of products selected by Oliviers&Co offers you to season your seasonal meals.

This set contains in a gift box:

A fresh pressed olive and basil specialty - 100ml

A packet of basil pasta - 250g

A pot of organic pesto rosso - 130g;

A Ketchup - 350g

A pot of flowers of salt

1 pourer

Olive & fresh pressed basil:Tomato salad & mozzarella, tomato dishes, salads, dried beans, spelled salad, pasta, sauces..

Garlic and basil linguine: Their garlic & basil goes very well with tomato sauces and seafood and fish

Pesto rosso tomato basil - ORGANIC: all types of pasta, a drizzle of olive oil and that's it. Thanks to its versatility, it also goes very well with white meats and ideal in the preparation of stuffed meats.

Fleur de Sel:Tomato mozarella, Foccacia, fish, grilled meats and vegetables.

Ketchup:Beef tartare, red or white meat, duck aiguillette, sandwich, hot dog, grilled sardines...

Name: Olive & Basil Specialty

Net quantity : 100ml

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List : Olive 99%, Basil 1%

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Pasta xith wheat germ , garlic and basil

Net quantity: 250g

Origin: Italy

Ingredient List: durum wheat semolina 93.98%, wheat germ 3.76%, dehydrated garlic 0.47%, dehydrated basil 0.47%, natural extract of garlic 0.47%, natural extract of basil 0.47%, dehydrated spinach 0.38%. Manufactured in a warehouse which uses: gluten, egg, fish

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Name : Pesto Rosso - Tomatoes and basil

Net quantity : 130g

Origin : Product of Italy

Ingredients : Sunflower oil*, tomato 27%*, dried tomato 21%*, cashew nuts*, basil* 5%, potato*, garlic*, pine nuts*, extra virgin olive oil*, salt.


Special storage conditions :Keep refrigerated after opening and consume quickly

Name: Flower of Salt

Net quantity: 100 g

Origin: Espagne , Packaged in France

Ingredient list:  Flower of Salt 

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool , dry place and dark place

Name : Ketchup Sauce.

Net : 350G

Origin: Product of France

Ingredients: Tomatoes (72%), sugar, vinegar, salt, spices (contains celery).

Storage  condition Keep refrigerated after opening

Olive & fresh pressed basil:In Puglia, the bright green responds to the gray green: basil grows at the foot of the olive trees. To make basil olive oil, the master of the mill picks armfuls of fresh basil in September and fills stainless steel tanks with it, before pouring olive oil into them. This is maceration. The second stage occurs at the time of the olive harvest, in November. This time we pick the basil at the same time as the olives, and we grind them together under the stone millstone. All-natural product made in Puglia in southern Italy.

Garlic and basil linguine: Oliviers&Co. has selected exceptional artisanal pasta, made by the Morelli family in Pisa, since 1860 and 5 generations. Their secret lies in an ingredient that sets them apart from most pasta: durum wheat semolina. Their manufacturing methods preserve the ingredients as best as possible, allowing the pasta to keep its shape and its unique taste.

Pesto rosso tomato basil - ORGANIC: Pesto is often associated with one ingredient: basil. But pesto is first and foremost a gesture and an object, the mortar; Pesto and “Pistou” in Provençal both come from the Latin pestare, which means to pound, to crush… To bring sunshine to your plates and simply enjoy, Oliviers&Co has selected a trilogy of Organic Pestos produced in Piedmont from quality ingredients

Fleur de Sel:Fruit of the sea, the sun and the Mediterranean wind, this fleur de sel is harvested by hand using traditional methods in heart of the Delta de L'Ebre natural park located opposite the Balearic Islands. This delicate fleur de sel is harvested by hand by taking salt crystals from the surface of the water in the salt pans.

Ketchup:Whether directly on the plate, in a marinade or for basting, these new sauces will be ideal for spicing up and coloring meat, fish, homemade burgers and even all the grilled vegetables.