Espelette Chili Pepper Specialty

  • A 100% natural aromatic oil
  • For spicy but not spicy cuisine
  • Perfect for modernizing all your grills
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100 ml

For spicy and deliciously fragrant cuisine, discover our new product!

An essential product of Basque cuisine, Espelette pepper is in the spotlight in our brand new recipe! Spicy, fruity and sweet at the same time, this 100% natural aromatic oil is obtained by simultaneous pressing of fresh chili peppers and fresh olives, seasoned with Espelette chili powder.

​This new creation with its beautiful orange-red color will brighten up your summer recipes.​ It is perfect for enhancing all your grilled meats and fish or for garnishing a chocolate dessert!

Grilled squid, Basque chicken, grilled sardines, beef tartare and carpaccio, marinated duck or chicken breast skewers, garlic linguine, filet on pizza or fresh feta, chocolate fondant cake

Name: Espelette Chili Pepper Specialty
Net quantity : 100ml
Origin: Product of France
Ingredient List : Olive and chili specialty (Olive 97% , Fresh red Chili 3%), Espelette chili powder 1%
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


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