Fig chutney with Barolo wine

  • An unforgettable culinary experience
  • Made with fresh figs and Piedmontese wine
  • To accompany charcuterie and cheeses
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110 g

An Exceptional Culinary Creation !

Hailing from Italy, these violet figs are harvested at peak ripeness to allow them to express their full flavors. The sweetness of the fig is perfectly balanced by the acidity of Barolo, the renowned wine from Piedmont. This artisanal recipe embodies the elegance and sophistication of Mediterranean cuisine, blending tradition and innovation to craft an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The Fig Confit with Barolo is a true culinary masterpiece that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes and occasions. It is ideal for accompanying a cheese platter, especially hard cheeses and blue cheeses. It can also be used to enhance meat dishes such as roasted duck or filet mignon. Additionally, it makes a delightful topping for desserts, including ice cream, pancakes, or simply a slice of toasted bread with butter.

Name : Fig chutney with Barolo wine

Net Quantity : 110g / 3.88 oz

Origin : Product of Italy

Ingredient List : figs 48%, sugar, wine Barolo PDO 3%, lemon

Storage conditions : Store in a dry and cool place After opening, keep refrigerated and use soon.

Rediscover the mythical flavors of the Mediterranean as you would never have dared to taste them!

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