Summer Truffle Tuber aestivum 60% in olive oil 19,5%

  • Real truffle slices
  • A rich and precious taste
  • Preserved by olive oil
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25 g

Rare and precious, these summer truffle slices are characterised by a rich and pronounced taste, perfect for adding a gastronomic note to a dish! Great care is taken in the selection of these summer truffles to preserve their quality and aromas.

Use to accompany risotto or pasta, to garnish an egg scramble or mashed potatoes.

Name: Summer Truffle Tuber aestivum 60% in olive oil 19,5%

Net quantity: 30g

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient list: Truffle Tuber aestivum 60%. Olive oil 19,5%, truffle juice (Tuber aestivum) 19.5%, salt, flavor

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place*

Origin UE


Whether black or white, summer or winter, the truffle illuminates with its intense aroma ... Precious gems of the Mediterranean, to be simply tasted or cooked

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