Organic Pesto Rosso - Tomato and basil

  • A ready-to-use sauce
  • Carefully selected tomatoes
  • An intense and delicious flavor
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130 g

A powerful and well-balanced taste​

A new twist on the traditional basil pesto, this organic 'Rosso' pesto is made with the finest fresh Piedmont tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, oil, a touch of fresh basil, pine nuts, and cashew nuts. Its gourmet texture and powerful flavor will seduce Tomato lovers; Pesto Rosso contains 48% tomato and all the Italian know-how. ​

It's ready to be tasted. Little trick : diluted with a little cooking water, it will delicately coat all types of pasta, a drizzle of olive oil and you're done. Thanks to its versatility, it also goes very well with white meats and is ideal in the preparation of stuffed meats.

Name : Pesto Rosso - Tomatoes and basil

Net quantity : 130g

Origin : Product of Italy

Ingredients : Sunflower oil*, tomato 27%*, dried tomato 21%*, cashew nuts*, basil* 5%, potato*, garlic*, pine nuts*, extra virgin olive oil*, salt.


Special storage conditions :Keep refrigerated after opening and consume quickly

Pestos are an essential part of Italian gastronomy

Pesto is often associated with one ingredient: basil. But pesto is first and foremost a process and a kitchen utensil, the mortar; Pesto and 'Pistou' in Provençal both come from the Latin pestare, which means to pound, to crush... To bring some sunshine to your plate and enjoy a simple meal, Oliviers&Co has selected a trilogy of organic pesto produced in Piedmont from high-quality ingredients. Pesto is one of the classic and essential sauces for pasta, but it's also an indispensable culinary aid for everyday cooking.​

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