Find the olive oil that suits your palate and your use


There are a multitude of olive oil profiles, intensities, aromas...


To help you, we have distinguished 2 main types of use: 


  • Cooking: our everyday extra virgin olive oils, which are consensual and typical of their country of origin, or our aromatic oils. These are high quality olive oils for everyday use.


  • Finishing: whether it's seasoning a salad or a cold dish, or adding a drizzle of oil to a hot dish after cooking, just before serving. Our more refined vintage olive oils, with their more complex aromas, are in our opinion to be preferred with dishes where they can really express their full aromatic potential, without being heated.


PLEASE NOTE: all our olive oils can be used for cooking as the smoking point of olive oil is 210°C, and most cooking, including baking and frying, is done at a lower temperature.


When you discover our olive oils you can filter the oils by type of use.


It is then a matter of finding the olive oil that best suits your palate or the type of ingredient being cooked.


We have classified our olive oils by intensity:


  • The most intense, our vegetable oils, are more fiery (tingling sensation in the back of the throat) and evoke more leafy, grassy notes. More intense olive oils are best used with ingredients that are themselves strong in character, such as meats or raw vegetables, to enhance and add body to your salad.


  • The softer, floral olive oils are more buttery and evoke notes close to almond and fruit. Mild olive oils are best used with fish or delicate ingredients so that the olive oil does not overpower the taste of the ingredient itself.


Want to learn how to taste olive oil like an expert? Follow all the steps!

When browsing our olive oils you can filter the oils by intensity. In each product sheet we also describe the aromatic notes and profiles of the olive oil to guide you.