South Delice trio gift set

  • A vegetarian and gourmet gift set
  • Containing 3 garden delights to spread or cook
  • Recipes created with chefs
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Taste the delights of the vegetable garden ...Tasty products combining emblematic vegetables with a touch of olive oil. Behind each of these recipes is a Chef, whose talent and audacity are the hallmark of an exclusive creation. 1 Zucchini & Goat Cheese delice 120g A divine recipe using the presence of home-made tomato enhanced olive oil and goat cheese to compliment the courgette. An exquisite creation where the zucchini and tomato are finely enhanced with the combination of goat cheese ! 1  Artichoke & Olive delice 120g Made exclusively with artichoke hearts and exceptional olives, the “artichoke delight” will leave you asking for more! An astonishing recipe where the sweet and hazelnut notes of the artichoke are smartly associated to the ones of the green olive… 1 Tomato & Espelette Pepper Delice 120gTraditionally prepared tomato enhanced olive oil, a touch of balsamic vinegar and Espelette chilli pepper, these are the key ingredients giving character to this delicious creation. A refined recipe, magnifying the sweet and fruity flavors of the tomato by spicing it up with Espelette pepper….
Artichoke and Olive Delight - In verrines, in sauce for pasta or to accompany chicken or lamb fillets Courgette and goat's cheese Delight - In a glass, in a tart base, in vegetable tian preparation, in pasta seasoning, as a finishing touch to fish or white meat. Tomato and chilli pepper delight - With gazpacho, fish soup, based on a focaccia recipe, in a savoury cake, or as a finishing touch on poultry or fish.
Name: Recipe with artichoke & oliveNet Quantity: 120g Origin: Product of FranceIngredient List: artichoke 38 %, extra virgin olive oil, green olive 15 %, potato, water, concentrated lemon juice, salt, black pepper. Storage conditions:Keep refrigerated after opening & cons ume soon Name: Recipe with zucchini & goat cheese Net quantity: 120g Origin: Product of France Ingredient list: zucchini 32%, dried tomato in olive oil (dried tomato, olive oil, sugar, vinegar, salt), eggplant, extra virgin olive oil, mature goat cheese 5% (milk), sherry vinegar(sulfites), garlic, thyme, white pepper. Storage conditions:Keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon Name: Recipe withTomato & Espelette Pepper Net quantity: 120g Origin: Product of France Ingredient list: dried tomato in olive oil 37% (rehydrated dried tomato 68%, olive oil, salt, sugar, vinegar), tomato 35% (tomato, tomato juice), extra virgin olive oil, onion, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, grape must, coloring: caramel, sulfites), tomato puree, sugar, P.D.O. Espelette pepper 0.9%, salt, cumin, white pepper. Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon

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