Tanche Black Olives

  • Nicknamed the jewel of Nyons
  • A very ripe harvested olive
  • The best French variety
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200 g
The "Jewel of Nyons" is certainly the best of French black olives. This fruit, which ripens late, since it is harvested from mid-December to mid-January, benefits, in Nyons, from a double appellation of origin, for the oil as well as for the table. The Tanche du Nyonsais, a region in the south of the Drôme, is preserved in brine after being pricked with dry salt and improves for 5 to 6 months before being enjoyed as an aperitif. 
For the aperitif or in a salad.
Name: Tanche Black Olives Net quantity: 200g Origin: Product of France Ingredient list: Tanche black olives, salt, olive oil, Storage conditions:Pasteurized product, keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon
Discover the mythical flavours of the Mediterranean with this selection of Oliviers&Co table olives: soft and tasty.