Organic Vegetarian Ragu

  • Organic artisanal sauce, without preservatives
  • The good taste of bolognese in a vegetarian version
  • Ready-to-use sauce in a family size


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A veggie sauce with Mediterranean flavours !

Ragù is a traditional Italian simmered sauce served with pasta. Inspired by 'Ragù alla Bolognese', better known as Bolognese sauce, Oliviers&Co has replaced the meat with a vegetarian ingredient : Seitan.​​​

Ready to use, heat this delicious sauce over low heat and add to the pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and freshly grated Parmesan.​

For an even more delicious result, the Seitan is stewed with olive oil, vegetables, balsamic vinegar, and of course, fresh tomatoes that have been bursting with sunshine.​​

It goes well with all pasta, vegetable lasagna, lentils, moussaka or zucchini gratin.

Name : Vegetarian Sauce - Organic

Net Quantity : 340g

Origin : product of Italy

Ingredients : Tomatoes* 67%, onions*, carrots*, extra virgin olive oil*, Seitan* (wheat protein*, soybeans*, brown rice*, ginger*, seaweed*), salt, "balsamic vinegar of Modena " (wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*), vegetable broth* (contains celery*​ and soy derivatives*), ​rice flour*, cane sugar*.

* Organic ​ ​

Storage conditions : Keep refrigerated after opening

Organic tomato sauces with the natural, authentic flavors of Piedmont !

These 3 new organic tomato sauces are handmade in Piedmont with extra-fresh tomatoes. Brighten up your everyday dishes and enjoy the taste of fresh, ripe tomatoes in both summer and winter. These tomato sauces contain no added preservatives and can be used raw or as a base for more elaborate dishes. For all pasta lovers : 3 ideal recipes for enjoying simple, healthy cooking and the taste of home cooking.

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