Tomato & Espelette Pepper Delice

  • Vegetarian recipe
  • Tomatoes prepared the old-fashioned way
  • Combined with balsamic and Espelette chilli pepper
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By Chief Gérald Passédat Old-fashioned tomatoes in olive oil, a touch of balsamic vinegar and Espelette chilli pepper are the key ingredients giving character to this delicious vegetarian creation. A refined recipe, sublimating the sweet and fruity flavours of the tomato by spicing it up with Espelette chilli pepper... A refined combination to discover the tomato as you've never tasted it before!
Ideal with gazpacho, to be served with fish soup, based on a focaccia recipe, in a savoury cake or as a finishing touch on poultry or fish. 
Name: Recipe withTomato & Espelette Pepper Net quantity: 120g Origin: Product of France Ingredient list: dried tomato in olive oil 37% (rehydrated dried tomato 68%, olive oil, salt, sugar, vinegar), tomato 35% (tomato, tomato juice), extra virgin olive oil, onion, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, grape must, coloring: caramel, sulfites), tomato puree, sugar, P.D.O. Espelette pepper 0.9%, salt, cumin, white pepper. Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon
Tomato, zucchini, artichoke, asparagus... so many simple and natural flavours that Oliviers&Co. wanted to sublimate by recalling its passion and know-how for olive oil. ... The imagination and experience of four great chefs were enough to perfect the creation of this gourmet collection... able to satisfy the widest range of palates! These recipes are real vegetable concentrates, and are truly original and exclusive thanks to their palette of authentic tastes and textures. A treat that allows plant lovers to rediscover the very essence of cooking all year round: a gourmet vegetable garden in simple little pots.